About Me

As a maker, aim for higher everyday...


Kensuke Akaogi was born in Yuki city, Ibaraki, Japan in 1985. Yuki city has a tradition of nearly 1000 years, and its specialty goods Yuki Tsumugi (pongee, silk fabric) is registered as UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage. I spent my boyhood in the old city where many traditional craftworks were produced and lots of craftsmen lived in. I was greatly influenced by that environment. I have been played the violin from when I was boy, but my interest gradually headed towards structure of the instrument itself. At that time, I was dreaming of becoming a string instrument maker.

In the meantime, I went on to university and major in biology. At that time, I started playing the violin and viola in an orchestra and deepened my insight into music. I also conducted research on cell biology at the graduate school and got Research Fellowships for Young Scientists from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Although it was a very busy period, while keep playing musical instruments, I did also many experiments and proceed research vigorously and received Ph.D. by publishing many scientific publications.

After graduation, I worked as a researcher of a major chemical company in japan, but I cannot abandon my passion for making string instruments. Therefore, I started making the instruments by going to violin making course.

Up to now, I have kept in touch with many stringed instrument makers live in Japan, Italy etc., and visited Cremona several times to exchange information. I am seeking the way of ideal stringed instrument making that I am aiming for.