I have been making instruments at the national registrated cultural asset "Mise-Gura"


In a traditional Japanese building, I am making string instruments. A building with my workshop was made about 100 years ago by the craftsmen of the time and is still in use. I am aiming to make instruments which loved long time like this building.


Based on master pieces of great past maker, I am striving to express my own personality. I love Stradivari in violin and Gasparo da Salo in viola, and I have experienced making instruments based on these. "More freedom" is the motto.


Tonewoods can not be used immediately for making instruments. Therefore, I collect as many old tonewoods as possible. I do not care about whether the wood expensive or not. I choose toonwoods to make a great instrument which loved long time.

Hand Works

Violin making takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, having background in science, I am aiming for a production style that I can do because I am active in contemporary times. I work efficiently and precisely for making beautiful instruments.


I use oil varnish based on traditional recipe used in Old Italian violin. I will decide colors and finish according to the atmosphere of the instrument. I do not apply varnish thickly, and pay close attention to make the best use of the acoustic performance of the instrument.


Setting is also an important factor that determines the performance of the instrument. I create parts by selected materials and set it on to maximize the potential. Staying close to the performer's expressive power is the greatest goal.